Run smarter cross-channel campaigns in Q2

Make bigger strides in capturing share and driving store traffic, especially now, when tax refunds are stimulating consumer spending. Using our online and offline data insights to identify shoppers you may otherwise miss, and the strongest print and digital media to get them moving, you’ll see measurable results.

Let’s quantify the opportunity


Savings from new tax law changes

In this scenario, if a married couple earned $100K per year, they may realize an extra $115 per two-week paycheck – totaling an Annual Savings of $2,990

Source: Prosper Insights and Analytics, Adults 18+, January 2017

Refunds stimulate Q2 retail spending

13% who get refunds plan to splurge or make a major purchase

Let’s talk dollars:

  • $18 billion was available in February
  • $22.6 billion was available in March, April and beyond

Source: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 2016, GO, Google Consumer Survey 2016, Home Furnishings Business 2017

What it could mean for Furniture retailers

$1 billion of additional opportunity*
*Based on 10.8 million U.S. households increasing their planned spend by 1%

Potential for Home Improvement centers

$3.6 billion opportunity*
*Based on 75 million homeowners (average spend of $48.20 per visit) adding 1 more visit per year

Top 5 gift-giving holidays

Based on what shoppers say they’ll spend in 2018, you can start impacting #2, #3 and #5 now!
Winter holidays: $589
Mother’s Day: $186
Easter: $152
Valentine’s Day: $136
Father’s Day: $135

Source: National Retail Federation surveys conducted between October 2016 and September 2017; all dollar amounts are respondent averages.

Get in more shoppers’ baskets

Retailers in the gifting, clothing, candy segments and more should hop on this opportunity. Easter is on April 1st.


Over 2 in 5 adults intend to spend more this Mother’s Day

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™, Monthly Consumer Survey
Happy Mother's Day

Time & place to celebrate Moms & Dads

Department stores are the most popular channel

While other channels, including online, will reap their fair share of the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spend, consumers still want to see, touch and compare at their neighborhood department stores.

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™, Monthly Consumer Survey

Congrats Grads! What's up for grabs?

Upward trending spend – with a constantly improving economy, and with joblessness at near record lows, gift giving to new graduates is expected to top-out near record levels.

grad cap

May 2012

grad cap

May 2013

grad cap

May 2014

grad cap

May 2015

grad cap

May 2016

grad cap

May 2017

Source: Prosper Insights and Analytics, Monthly Consumer Survey

Case study

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Case study

See how a regional Apparel Retailer used a combination of digital media to attract shoppers on-the-go.
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