Healthcare media spending is on the rise.
Spend is up by 13% since 2013.
Source: Kantar Media 2016

Media influence by generation

Print and Digital advertising influences purchase decisions for roughly two-thirds of Americans. All other media influences one-third of purchase decisions.

*Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics MBI Survey, January 2017



We know millennials
Millennials are twice as likely to use Urgent Care centers than any other generational group.
  • 94% of millennials use coupons1
  • 35% of millennials are cord-cutters/cord, or never purchased a TV service2
  • In the space of 5 years, 40% of this age group’s traditional TV viewing time has migrated to other activities or streaming3
1. 2K17 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report 2. Scarborough Market/Release: Multi-Market 2016 Release 1 (Reissue Sept 2016) Total (Feb 2015 - Apr 2016) 3. Analysis of Nielson Data, Oct 2016
It’s a challenging time for dental practices
Challenges include:

  • A 12% average annual patient churn1
  • 4% growth in Dental practices over the past 5 years with a forecasted growth of 6% by 20202
  • Annual Dentist visits have slipped from 71% to 67% over the past five years3

1. Joel Harris, CEO Intelligent Dental Marketing, Inc.; Jan 2015 2. ADA Health Policy Institute: Nov 2015 3. CDC: Behavioral; Risk Factors Surveillance Systems, Nov 2016

Healthcare case studies

Reach and influence more of your customers
Flyers rank among the Top 5 paid media for impacting purchase decisions and store selections.

Flyers (Inserts)
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